Who is ready for Spring? This girl!

Happy Friday Y’all! Sorry I haven’t been spending a lot of time uploading recipes but as most know, my position and program were shut down and now… Its the never-ending job hunt, but I’m hopeful and confident something will come along. I’m applying for all kinds of things that would be so interesting and right up my alley… no spoilers here… but keep the positive thoughts and vibes coming!

Things around here are quiet, except when the three doorbells (doxies) get going. I’m crocheting afghans and trying my hand at something I’ve not done before… Mandala blankets – time consuming and needs my focus, but I need something to fill time after doing the job searches. I know… where are the recipes at since I have this time? They are coming! I found my pictures of things that I didn’t necessarily post of social media or that I did a long time ago when people first started telling me I needed to start posting or write a cookbook! Some recipes I forgot about! My husband likes to tell people that we rarely eat the same thing in a month much less in a week, unless we eat leftovers! So be prepared! I have at least 70 older recipes to share and a whole lot of super fun new ones! I was also thinking as I was reading through some antique cookbooks I have (copyright dates around 1880) of sharing some of the more “interesting” ones. I love old cookbooks with their remedies! So fun. Ok… guess I need to stop my ramblings and get to the reason you came by…

So with the cold weather, soup is always on the menu around here… or “zoup” as my sweet hubby calls it. One favorite is my broccoli cheese soup, this time I had to give it a different spin. Queso! Who doesn’t love QUESO!?  Its a pretty simple crockpot kind of meal that can be so helpful on those long chilly days. Hope you try it and enjoy!

Queso Broccoli Soup      (I served with homemade fried tortilla chips – simply… cut tortillas into wedges, fry quickly, season with Adobo)


1 head broccoli 

2 potatoes

1 small onion

1 can Rotel tomatoes with lime and cilantro

1 cup Velveeta 

2 cups chicken broth

Here’s the best part… ready… clean broccoli don’t worry about chopping. just cut as much of the stem off as possible and chop that. Chop potatoes. Chop onion. Cut cheese into squares. Now simply put everything into the slow cooker/Crockpot. I put mine on high for about an hour then dropped it down to low until we were ready to eat! I did stir it periodically to make sure that all the cheese was melting. As I said, I served with chips but could easily be served with your favorite bread. You can also substitute cauliflower for the broccoli! If you want it spicy… add jalapeno! 🙂 Eat well my friends!


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