Spring is coming!

Lately I’ve been feeling a bit down, I blame unemployed status (I need to be busy and doing something) and the weather. I’m so ready for Spring! I’ve been applying for administrative and teaching positions throughout the area, the problem is that most of those jobs are for next school year… But I have had a couple interviews that seemed promising… so fingers crossed! So… on to why you came… Fried Mustard Cod and Fries for Two! 🙂


1 good sized cod filet

1 egg

1 tbs (or more depending on your tastes) horseradish mustard

1 c bread crumbs (I prefer Italian style)

1 block of lard (yes, folks… LARD)

3 large potatoes

3 c cold water

salt for sprinkling after cooking

malt vinegar (optional)

Fries: Pretty straight forward this round… slice potatoes into strips, rinse well and then cover with very cold water – let sit for at least 30 minutes. Fry in lard until golden brown. Remove and drain, sprinkle lightly with salt- sometimes I use Adobo which is wonderful!

Fish: beat egg and mustard together until well blended. I cut cod into pieces for easier handling. Dip cod into mixture then coat with breadcrumbs. (Pretty simple, eh?) Then fry until coating is golden brown.  I usually make sure I have a small test piece so I can check doneness, it doesn’t take long to cook and OVERCOOK fish… basically with my recipe, when the coating is a nice golden brown on all sides, its perfectly done inside.

I serve with malt vinegar… Hubby likes it with my homemade horseradish tartar sauce (Miracle Whip, horseradish, sweet relish, garlic powder, onion powder, salt, pepper, all to your individual tastes… and yes, you can use mayo, if you prefer). I prefer the malt vinegar on both my fish and fries! 🙂 Yum. Happy tummies!


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