Sometimes we need something simple and easy…

With all the job applications and disappointments lately, my creativity has been sort of lacking. I’m still on the hunt for that awesome position that will be my end all be all position… I know, aren’t we all? I miss truly being in an educational setting, whether virtual or in person, I love both. 🙂 Anyway, its been suggested that I write a book about my experiences with at-risk youth… hmmm… something to think about. Anyway, here’s a quick, easy, and cheap meal for you.

Super budget friendly quick baked ravioli… total about $18.67 for full pan… approximately $3.11 per serving… actually pricing is a little off, it is less than what I calculated because the cheeses, garlic, mushrooms and spinach weren’t completely used up in this dish and will be utilized in other meals… This makes about 6 servings… all ingredients came from Aldi: crushed tomatoes, spaghetti sauce, mushrooms, garlic, pepper, basil and spinach, frozen ravioli, sliced gouda, Parmigiano and provolone cheeses. Proved that with little touches made it taste homemade. 😋


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