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First Post... Be Kind!

Hi All,

First, I want to thank all of you for your patience! I know I've been promising/threatening to do this for a long time now! This isn't something that I'd say I'm totally adept at but I'm giving it a try.

The plan is that all those lovely pictures of meals will now have a place along with the recipes to go with them! Things have been crazy since the pandemic hit, I know we aren't alone in that one, but it made me sidetrack my goals and thoughts. So, now as my position at Campagna is being eliminated, its again time to reevaluate and see what's next at Casa de Hickey. I will likely share more than just recipes - hence the name... Cook Eat Teach Yarn...

The first recipe is that sweet Beef Wellington that I made a couple nights ago and shared a picture of... its a "mock" wellington but Hubby and our friend Brian always deem it delicious. If you try it, please let me know your thoughts! Feel free to make it your own.

"Beef Wellington"

1 lb ground beef (use the good stuff 90-95% beef)

1/3 cup grated parmesan

4-6 portabella mushrooms

1 clove garlic minced (or chopped fine)

1 tsp white pepper (split between meat and gravy)

garlic powder

1 cup beef stock

1 tsp flour

1 tsp butter

1 tube crescent roll - I prefer the rolls but you can use the uncut version

Meat mixture: ground beef, 1/2 cheese, 1/2 garlic, 1/2 pepper and 1-2 chopped mushrooms. mix well. Use your hands! form into a loaf. Pan sear until brown on outside. Set aside while preparing dough.

Dough: lay flat on pan (I use parchment paper as well), sprinkle with garlic powder.

Lay loaf in center, sprinkle with 1/2 of remaining cheese. Fold dough over loaf.  Sprinkle remaining cheese on top. 🙂

Gravy: slice mushrooms, add remaining garlic, pepper, brown/sauté mushrooms until no longer sweating- remove mushrooms from pan. Add butter and flour to make paste, add beef stock, mixing well, no lumps. Add mushrooms back to gravy.

Note... If you want add a little sour cream or heavy cream for a creamier gravy. Sometimes I add a splash of Worcestershire sauce as well for a different taste. I serve it with baked potatoes *to slather some of that groovy gravy over and sometimes add asparagus to the plate. I added asparagus to the meat mixture in our version the other night. It stayed crunchy and was tasty, hubby said he'd rather have it on the side, so I left it out of the recipe.

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