Hey… I’m still here!

Hi All!

I know its been a while! To say that the last couple of years have been quite a ride, is really an understatement.  In February 2020, I lost my principal position at INDLS, then we had the beginning crazy of COVID pandemic, March 2020 I took a position with Campagna as the Director of Education for the day reporting program, that was a wild ride to say the least, then January 2022 we shut the doors on that program. I was out of work from January until August 2022 – that was a very trying and scary time for me. I had many interviews and feedback was often that I was “over-qualified” which essentially meant they didn’t hire me because they figured I’d leave eventually. Luckily, I did land something that today surprises me sometimes. I took a position as a special education teacher at Hebron High School. It has been a joy and I love my job. Of course, if you know… this translated to more college for me! I hadn’t taken any college masters level courses since 2016-2017 so it’s been quite an adjustment along with a new job. I’ve completed 2 courses so far and am working on completing 2 more… I have 2 more to go, plus a state licensing test. I feel so lucky to have had such great support from my husband, family and friends. I’m also amazingly lucky to have a great team at work that not only made me feel welcome from day one but have made me feel like I’ve been a part of the team forever. It’s a great place to be. The past three years have been exceedingly hard at times, and I’m certain that hardships are not gone, but I can only say that I am thankful for everyone who is a part of my life. I couldn’t have done it without you all.

I know I promised when I started this site that I would post recipes and such … the days get away from me. And when I was jobless, I felt so lost that I didn’t have the desire to share a lot. I am glad to say that I’m getting over that feeling though the helplessness sometimes sneaks in only because we are still in recovery mode from two lost positions and the major changes in income. It’s all good though. We have made some changes and are working toward the future. I hope everyone who has supported this continues and I hope that I’ll be able to post more recipes soon. My coursework has been occupying much of my time since August 2022 and until I complete it… you may need to look at the Facebook group to get some ideas of foods to look forward to… Mike and I have been doing a lot of experimentation with his smoker and we’ve had many many successes I look forward to sharing! So it’s time to get back to the books. Love and hope you have a wonderful summer! Until next time! TTFN

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