The new school year is right around the corner…

Does anyone want to adopt my classroom?!

The reason I could use a little help with my classroom…

I started teaching in 2007. In 2012, the school I worked at closed and I promised my husband that since I wasn’t returning to the classroom (I had landed a job as an education consultant) that I would get rid of my vast collection… well as years went by I shared/donated and gave away a lot of the things I used as staples in my classrooms. In 2015, I realized I missed teaching and returned. I took a position that was not my wheelhouse but I wanted to teach. I then took a teaching position with an online-digital school, so I purged again things I would not need. I taught there for a year, then moved into administration. Unfortunately, as most may already know, that ended in February 2020. Enter the pandemic… I took a position as Director of Education at a day reporting program.

Then… January 2022 another closure. Oh well.

Here’s where I landed…

It took a while but I landed a teaching position in July of 2022. I have a few things that I saved and was able to use. I am adding special education mild interventions to my license (I already have secondary historical perspectives, sociology, psychology, and building level administrator) so the majority of my free time (?) has been spent working on coursework and learning my new position. This summer has also been filled with working on coursework. I’ve completed four of the six I need for the endorsement, and am working on those last two now.

Anyway, I’m rambling… the point is that since I have returned to a brick-and-mortar classroom, there are supplies that my students and I use every day that I hope to get replenished. Any help would greatly be appreciated by me and by my kids. A lot of the items are reusable and I hope that they have a long life in the classroom.

Thank you for reading. I want to say just a bit more and give you a link

Thank you for supporting this public school teacher and her students! It is pretty easy, I created a Classroom Wish List on Amazon. I have been editing it as time passes and I will continue to add/edit as the year goes by. If you decide to help, please know that I and my students will be grateful and I will send and post thank yous! You can, of course, remain anonymous, if you prefer. Love to all and here’s to a great school year!

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